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Matchmaker - War Thunder Wiki With all their “engineering genius”, the Germans were not averse in evaluating other nation’s developments and, for the most worthy, AMX-30! Battle ratings BR is given to every vehicle in War Thunder and depending on the game mode, matchmaking uses either the average BR of your vehicle set or the highest BR of any single vehicle from your entire set.

Do vehicle tiers affect matchmaking? - War Thunder The War Thunder Wiki team appreciated that according to the German engineers it deserved the prefix “Super”. There are 2 rules for Matchmaking. 1. The 1-Tier Rule You are never matched against vehicles more than 1 tier below or above your highest plane. 2. The BR-Rule You are matched against players with +/- 1.0 BR based on your sets average BR in Arcade At least this is how it works for planes. Follow the link in my sig, for further information.

How do tiers and battle ratings work now? War Thunder. The L-62 ANTI II is a Swedish SPAA design, developed in the early 1930’s by the AB Landsverk company based on their L-60 light tank. Tiers have no effect on matchmaking, only battle rating BR has. For tanks the matchmaking is up to +1.0 BR of the highest BR tank in your lineup. For planes the matchmaking is up to +1.3 BR of the highest BR plane in your lineup. So for instance if you have 2.0 BR tank in your lineup you can face up to 3.0 BR tanks.

Battle rating/ matchmaking War Thunder General Discussions It will be one of many interesting units awaiting tankers in the Swedish ground forces tree, coming to War Thunder as part of update 1.97! So how exactly does the matchmaking work? I just unlocked the tiger h1, and I'm being matched with tiger 2s and t35s and other higher tier tanks. I can't fully enjoy playing this tank since I'm being matched against these higher tier tanks. I heard the matchmaking was broken.

Tiers and Ranks and. how does that work? Warthunder So I'm in a group with friends, if I pick a T-34 to take along, it puts us in rank 2. Tiers are not a overly important factor regarding which enemies you will see. You can only meet enemies that are either 1 tier below you or 1 tier up. So in a tier 2 tank you can meet tier 1,2 & 3, but not 4 or 5. When you are tier 3 you can meet 2,3 and 4 but not 1 and 5. Apart from that they mostly influence the research effectivness.

Battle Rating Calculation War Thunder Wiki Fandom So, since we're pretty new, I skip the T-34 and take something else to keep us at rank 1. Matchmaking Edit. War Thunder takes into account your planes' Battle Rating BR when deciding battles. In realistic battles, you have only one plane and it's BR is used to match you with approximately equal enemies. Usually you should not be put up against planes that are more than 1BR higher or lower than you. In arcade mode it's a bit more complex. Matchmaking works by using the BR of your top 3 planes in the line-up preset you are using, to calculate a value.

Is there a way to play low tiers only? - War Thunder Once in game, I get wrecked by Tier 2 tanks of all kinds. a tier 2 tank could have to fight against tier 1 or 3 tanks, but no tier 4 ones. WitchKingAngmar 3,725. MM puts you in a battle with the same tier plane as yours, The actual player level has nothing to do with it. If you have 4 tier 2 planes and one tier 4 plane you will go into a tier 4 battle.

Battle Ratings - War Thunder Wiki How come I can't bring one, but a lot of other people can? If you use a 3.7 tank, you can face tanks from 2.7 to 4.7. Although this isn't as important, since BR will take care of that most of the time. Battle rating BR is used to determine matchmaking in War Thunder. It is a number assigned to every aircraft, ground unit, and naval vessel in the game that correlates with their effectiveness in combat. Roughly speaking, as a vehicle's capabilities and performance increase, so does its battle rating.

War Thunder - Next-Gen MMO Combat Game for PC, Mac, Linux. My assumption is that there is some fundamental misunderstanding on my part. I don't understand It's mainly about your battle rating (BR). Quick explenation (I feel like WT is doing something fundamentaly wrong here, there are way to many new pilots and tonkers who have no clue how the BR system works and are very frustrated because of this, there should be a tutorial or something on this): Tiers are not a overly important factor regarding which enemies you will see. The Rooikat 105 is a further development of the South African Rooikat armored fighting vehicle, developed in the mid 1990s with the intention of upgunning the design’s base model. Soon, War Thunder tankers will have the chance to add this South African gem to their in-game collection, following its arrival with update 1.97!

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