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EACC - the club for cyclemotors, autocycles, and mopeds Originally the FS1-E was built as a five-speed transmission light motorcycle. Due to the regulations in Europe, the FS1-E was downtuned with a four-speed transmission. The EACC - the club for all enthusiasts of old cyclemotors, mopeds and. The EACC can also issue dating certificates for registering machines.

EACC - Registering a moped - Autocycle Central The Yamaha FS1-E has a 49 cc (3.0 cu in), single cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled, rotary disc-valved engine with a four-speed gearbox. We are able to determine the date of most makes of cyclemotor, autocycle and moped and some other vehicles too from details such as the.

Moped - Urban Dictionary The FS1-E was the FS1 with the suffix E, which stood for England (differing from the models sold in other countries as the FS1-E had more cycle parts in common with other UK-imported Yamaha models). A person of the opposite sex who is not attractive, but you would have sex with.

Moped date - Urban Dictionary Yamaha introduced various improvements such as a front disc brake (FS1-E DX model) over the years, and later an autolube model with a two-stroke oil tank and oil pump, with no need to manually mix two-stroke oil into the fuel tank. An award winning short film was produced in 2006 and is available entitled 'Fizzy Days' encompassing the bikes and the era. Fun to ride but you don't want your friends to see you do it. Usually applied to any embarrassing activity you like doing, often a drive by sexing.

Vehicle registration New registrations - GOV. UK The FS1-E had the ability to be powered by pushbike type pedals since this was a legal requirement for registration as a moped in the United Kingdom and some other European countries at the time. DVLA cannot guarantee the return of the documents by a specific date but you should get a new registration certificate within 6 weeks of getting your application.

Vehicle registration Old vehicles - GOV. UK The special pedal cranks allowed both pedals to be rotated forward so that the pedals would form motorcycle-style footrests in normal operation. The original registration number - if this happens, you will not be allowed to transfer it or put it onto retention at a later date; another number appropriate to the.

CAMmag Directory - Iceni CAM Magazine To engage the pedals, the left-hand pedal crank could be rotated 180 degrees backwards and locked, and a drive gear engaged allowing the user to pedal. Smiths Autocycles buy and sell cyclemotors, autocycles and mopeds. registered for the road in the UK usually needs a dating certificate or a.

MOTs end for 40-year-old bikes - Bennetts Insurance A short chain connected the pedal drive to the main engine-chain drive system. Glenn Wisbey You'll need to get a dating certificate from the. A couple of years ago I purchased a 1958 NSU Quickly 50cc moped. Under the.

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