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Listerine Antiseptic Bottle. - Old Glass Bottles and Items of Antiquity Listerine is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash product. The dating for the respective mold types sadly does not overlap, so we may assume that this druggist bottle was either manufactured before the.

LISTERINE® Antiseptic A Very Useful Product Kilmer House It is promoted with the slogan "Kills germs that cause bad breath". LISTERINE Bottle, 1924. Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886. But this product – our oldest – dates from 1879. How is that possible?

FileOld Listerine - Wikimedia Commons Named after Joseph Lister, a pioneer of antiseptic surgery, Listerine was developed in 1879 by Joseph Lawrence, a chemist in St. Originally marketed by the Lambert Pharmacal Company (which later became Warner–Lambert), Listerine has been manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson since that company's acquisition of Pfizer's consumer healthcare division in late December 2006. DescriptionOld Listerine bottle.jpg, Old Listerine bottle, glass with paper label " Lambert Pharmacal Company", unknown date. Date, 7 July 2012.

Listerine National Museum of American History The Listerine brand name is also used in toothpaste, chewable tablets and self-dissolving teeth-whitening strips. This Listerine bottle dates from between 1895 and1906. It was the winner of a national contest sponsored by Listerine in 1995 to find the most interesting.

Numbers on the bottoms of glass bottles GLASS BOTTLE MARKS Inspired by Louis Pasteur's ideas on microbial infection, the English doctor Joseph Lister demonstrated in 1865 that use of carbolic acid on surgical dressings would significantly reduce rates of post-surgical infection. Louis-based doctor Joseph Lawrence to develop an alcohol-based formula for a surgical antiseptic which included eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol (its exact composition is a trade secret). Date codes are often seen, especially on soda bottles from the 1930s to date, and many of these codes are embossed on the base of the bottle, placed to the right.

COMPANY NEWS The Listerine Bottle Hunt; - The New York Times Lawrence named his antiseptic "Listerine" in honor of Lister. The contest began last summer when the mouthwash, first offered in bottles as an antiseptic in 1881, was repackaged in plastic containers. The.

Listerine, Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, MO Old Main. Lawrence hoped to promote Listerine's use as a general germicide as well as a surgical antiseptic, and licensed his formula to a local pharmacist named Jordan Wheat Lambert in 1881. Lambert Pharmacal Company, Listerine Ad - The Safe Antiseptic 1917. Lambert Pharmacal. Listerine ad, date unknown. Listerine Ad. i have a glass bottle with cork embossed labert chemicals/listerine interested? Reply.

Listerine Antiseptic Bottle. - Old Glass Bottles and Items of Antiquity
LISTERINE® Antiseptic A Very Useful Product Kilmer House
FileOld Listerine - Wikimedia Commons
Listerine National Museum of American History
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